"They see me rollin’,they hatin’"

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  1. A Little Bit Of Your Heart - Ariana Grande My Everything

    written by Harry Styles and Johan Carlsson

    i don’t ever ask you
    where you’ve been
    and i don’t feel the need to
    know who you’re with
    i can’t even think straight
    but i can tell
    that you were just with her
    and i’ll still be your fool
    i’m a fool for you

    just a little bit of your heart [x3]
    is all i want
    just a little bit of your heart [x2]
    just a little bit is all i’m asking for

    i don’t ever tell you
    how i really feel
    i can’t find the words to
    say what i mean
    nothing’s ever easy
    that’s what they say
    i know i’m not your only
    but i’ll still be your fool
    'cause i'm a fool for you


    i know i’m not your only
    but at least i’m one

    i heard a little love
    is better than none

    [chorus x2]

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    Lionel Messi holds the MVP trophy at the end of the Joan Gamper Trophy

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    me to meredith


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    The Entire Teen Wolf Fandom when Meredith is Revealed as The Benefactor. (via lydialives)

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  4. drcrusherxvx:



    the fact that people have donated over $8000+ to a MURDERER who is already on PAID LEAVE fucking disgusts and terrifies me


    Stop white people

    "Support Officer Darren Wilson" = "I’m a racist asshole who wants to give a nice big bonus to the guy who killed an unarmed black kid because that’s what I secretly wish I could do".

    Fuck literally every person who donated even a penny. 

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    Never forget Marcelo’s struggle, and the moment when Ronaldo was completely done with his shit.

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    "i wasnt at the tigers game"


    "cool story though"


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